Friday, June 14, 2019

Breezy Rodio

Breezy Rodio

June 14th

Dinner service starts @ 4:30pm

Performance @ 8pm


Breezy Rodio (Blues / Swing / Soul / Jazz) 8-11pm

The name “Breezy Rodio” might sound like it belongs to an alt-country band. In reality, it’s the moniker of a bluesman who just released his third album. Sometimes the Blues Got Me (Delmark) has a straight-ahead big-band sound that does a great job of highlighting the musician’s passionate, Italian-accented vocals and understated guitar.

There are vague echoes of 50s jump blues, and occasionally a mild soul influence rears its head, but for the most part Rodio is aiming straight for the Chicago shuffle, and he does it quite well. Rodio is also a formidable songwriter.

Followed by DJ Danny Leroy
Burlesque by Michelle L’amour / Variety by Ammunition

Dinner Reservations: 312.880.1511 / VIP experience: [email protected]



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