Saturday, June 29, 2019

Park n Ride Band

Park n Ride Band

June 29th

Dinner service starts @ 4:30pm

Performance @ 8pm


Park n Ride Band (Soul/R&B/Funk/Pop) 8-11pm

Get ready to dance! The band began us a tight knit group of old friends with similar musical interests. One gig led to many more, as the band’s natural talents and infectious grooves dazzled audiences around the city. If you just caught them here at George Daniels’s “Chicago Soul” event, you know it’s a show you don’t want miss.

Followed by DJ’s Presto & Zebo
Burlesque by Crocodile Lightening / Variety by Sylvi

Dinner reservations: 312.880.1511 / VIP Experience: [email protected]



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