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October 31st

Ghouls Ghouls Ghouls


When Darkness falls in LA LA land
and midnight hour is close at hand
The neon lights awake again
Sirens crawl in search of blood
To tantalize the neighborhood

Ghouls Ghouls Ghouls
Un-dead Dancin’ down on the Sunset Strip
Blood red lips, fingertips
Trick or treat, sweet to eat
Awakened on all Hallows eve
Ghouls are best when they’re off their feet

And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must dance on stage and buy the next round…

Michelle L’amour presents Unbridled’s Halloween 2018: Ghouls Ghouls Ghouls. Take an undead trip down the Sunset Strip for a Hallows Eve party with three rooms featuring 30 of Chicago’s sexiest and most sinister burlesque, circus, contortion, pole, freak and fantasy performers. Prepare for an 80s Hollywood den of iniquity full of skin and sin.

With DJ’s Zebo, Pesto and Madrid

Costumes Suggested

Tickets are for admission only, VIP Experience, seating and other accommodations can be made by contacting: [email protected] or calling 312.880.1511

Guests must be 21+ with proper identification

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